How It Works

Turn More Leads into Bookings

Our proven sales process, designed by the Kennedy Training Network, ensures that more calls are converted at a higher nightly rate into reservations that are booked directly into your website, making our service one of your most profitable revenue channels.

ExpressRez trains its call center reservations specialists using the highly effective and proven Kennedy Training Network sales system. Following a rigorous certification process, agents employ this set of invaluable skills, which in turn delivers substantial benefits for Inns and Bed and Breakfasts.

Deliver More Satisfying Experiences

When we receive a call for your lodging business, our Reservations Specialists immediately see your detailed property information and answer your guest’s call with your unique greeting. And instead of sticking to a canned script, our agents strive to take a personalized approach on every call.

The sales system has the added benefit of keeping calls to a reasonable length, usually averaging five to six minutes.

Boost Revenue

A great first impression has a profound impact on your guest’s overall impression of your property.

Agents become adept at understanding each guest’s unique story and discover how to identify their place in their buying journey.

By nurturing and using warm and conversational tones with callers, agents can drive engagement and increase conversions.

Improved Customer Service

Communication Between You and
Your Guests Will Never Be Better

With expert training, a reservation specialist can boost bookings, increase guest satisfaction levels, and deal skillfully with service recovery, and all of this has a dramatic positive impact on your property’s reputation and revenue.

And when your calls are answered promptly with exceptional customer service, it can result in improved scores in sites such as TripAdvisor.

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