Why ExpressRez

The Bed and Breakfast Call Center

Missed Calls = Lost Revenue

Travelers enjoy and prefer the personal attention and assistance offered at Inns and B&B’s. That’s why it’s no surprise that over 80% of customer interactions take place over the phone.

For Innkeepers, a single missed call could result in a lost booking and hundreds of dollars in revenue. That’s tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a year that has a direct impact on the growth of your business.

Long-lasting side effects of missed and abandoned calls

No one likes for their call to be unanswered, or to be placed on hold. Expecting a potential guest to be patient in our fast-paced digital world is both unreasonable and unlikely. And the consequences to your business are real.


Creates a high switching cost for your brand

The simple truth is that many customers will only give you one shot. A missed call means losing a potential guest that may go to your competitor.


Hurts your brand’s reputation

In today’s connected world, customers are quick to share negative experiences on social networks. This makes your brand’s reputation vulnerable.


Decreases customer lifetime value

What your customers experience when they call speaks volumes about your brand’s identity. An abandoned call suggests how you value a potential guest.

ExpressRez - The Right Solution, Right Now

For Inns and Bed and Breakfasts, the most common reasons calls are missed are simply that the property is understaffed or too busy. Answering calls after hours is also a problem, especially when the right technology is not in place. ExpressRez is ready to help you solve these problems.

More Bookings
& More Revenue

An expert voice reservation team, building rapport in a personalized way, to close the sale.

Happier Guests
& Better Scores

Trained hospitality professionals to reduce your fixed labor costs and improve guest satisfaction.

Professionally Trained
& Friendly Service

Reservations specialists trained to sell your property’s unique benefits and features, with warm, personalized hospitality.

Healthier Earnings and Profits

With ExpressRez, Innkeepers will now earn more revenue, affordably and profitably, from every call received.